About Us

Rouge Aerie Designs

About Us

Rouge Aerie Designs was founded in 2012. 

What initially started as an extension of her illustration hobby has become a full-time endeavour for designer and owner Kate Ruggeri. The initial release of the Carouskel print resulted in surprisingly positive feedback, which led to further designs being developed.

The brand became a means of bringing a bit more dark whimsy to the world; particularly the world of lolita fashion. 

Driven by custom-designed, one-of-a-kind prints and influenced by a wide variety of styles, Rouge Aerie seeks to fill that niche you didn't know was empty.

We focus on the lighter side of the macabre with forays into quirky, smile-inducing kitsch. In our prints, dark fantasy themes abound, skipping hand in hand through our designs with unicorns, mermaids and skeletons in meticulously rendered detail.